Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 10 Best AAA Flashlights in 2013

The AAA flashlight market is a competitive space which sees a lot of innovation, since they are perfect for every day carry (EDC) and so many people like them. It's hard sometimes even for enthusiasts to keep up with the latest models and technology. I wanted to put together a little cheat sheet of the latest models with their pros and cons. This post will probably be updated as time goes by, and new models come out.

The following list shows my favorite picks for single AAA flashlight, listed in order of awesomeness.

1OlightI3S- Latest XP-G2 emitter
- Efficient circuitry
- Machined with square threads
- Perfectly flat tail stand
- M>H>L mode order not always ideal
- Hidden strobe a little awkward to access
- Latest XP-G2 emitter
- Efficient circuitry
- Cool 2 stage switch
- Good tint
- Nice, grippy knurling
- Questionable durability with switch
- Can be a battery crusher
3FenixLD01- A little dated, but still solid
- Efficient circuitry
- High quality construction
- M>L>H mode order not always ideal
- No plans for latest emitter
- A little pricey
4StreamlightMicrostream- Forward clicky switch
- Extremely rugged
- Reversible clip
- Only single mode
- Some report the switch is too stiff
- Clip cannot be removed
5Pelican1910- Forward clicky switch
- Extremely rugged
- Removable clip
- Only single mode
- A little pricey
- Some complain its a little bulky
6FenixE05- Idiot proof operation
- Rugged
- Only single mode
- The lens optic can collect dirt and debris
- Forward clicky switch
- Only multi-mode clicky in list
- Has headache-inducing PWM
- Initial batch had some QC issues
- Latest XP-G2 emitter
- Efficient circuitry
- Optional clicky switch
- Cumbersome user interface
- No texturing on body = slippery grip
9KlarusMi X6
- Great build quality
- Efficient Circuitry
- Rugged

- Strobe mode not hidden
- Not much texturing for good grip
- A bit pricey
10FenixE01- Literally bomb-proof
- Simple, reliable construction
- Idiot-proof single mode
- Dated design
- Horrible, purple tint
- Fairly low output


  1. Now THAT is a knife!! Just beautiful, I'm so jealous.

  2. Hidden strobe on the Olight??

    1. Twist 7 times fast and you get the strobe. Hard on the wrist, but probably handy in an emergency.

  3. Surprised to not see any mention of Coast products on this list. I have one and consider it a good flashlight.

  4. Maratac AAA should be on this list:

  5. The Ld01 mode order is incorrect. It is M, L, H.

    1. Fixed, thank you. I even took it out the bag and tested it :)

  6. Great review recap! Thanks for the helpful info.