Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gear Vendor Scorecard

In the course of doing reviews for my blog, I've had the opportunity to visit lots and lots of online gear stores. While I buy a good portion of my gear from Amazon, there are tons of items they don't sell, or don't have the best price on.

The online stores I visit are a mixture of USA and Chinese based locations. I've found shopping from China just fine as long as I follow a few good practices (like always using PayPal) and demonstrate lots of patience, as some of these orders can arrive up to 60 days after being shipped.

The scorecard below is based solely on my own personal experience. Note that I have no financial connection or affiliation with any of the shops below. Your mileage may vary!

Battery JunctionUSABAll around good
HKequipmentChinaAGreat Service!
GoingGearUSABLarge Selection
Illumn (formerly Illumination Supply)USAAGreat Store!
TmartChinaBFast Shipping
Mountain ElectronicsUSADAvoid
DealExtremeChinaCLarge Selection
FastTechChinaAGood Prices
LightJunctionUSABGood Service
MiniInTheBoxChinaFSpent months fighting to stop their email spam.

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